Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Fallish Feeling

My favorite time of year is fall. So I have to say that I'm loving the temps the past few weeks here in Delta. A little more sun would be nice, but beggars can't be choosers, and well, sometimes you just have to find the silver lining. The days have been in the 60's, for the most part, and it makes for very nice working weather.

We've moved. We are settling in to our little log house in the woods, and we ALL love it. The biggest adjustment is that we are alone. All alone. And since it's a different house, the things that go bump in the night are different too. When we stand outside we can hear neighbors, running their chain saws, or driving nails to get the walls up before the four letter word beginning with "s" and ending with "now" comes. But the best part? We cannot see a soul. We are all alone. Except for the animals.

Brent has been busy cutting wood and cleaning up the yard. I estimate that he has cut about 6 cords of wood in the past two weeks. The yard clean up is moving along, but was slow at first because of the dry weather here in Delta. The weekend we moved was horribly dusty, and with the burn ban we had to settle for making mountains of dead limbs to burn when we finally received some moisture.

I'm happy to report that we have finally been blessed with some rain, and while I won't be needing Brent to construct me an ark anytime soon it has helped settle the dust. In addition to his Paul Bunyan duties Brent has been busy defending our home from visitors of the 4 legged variety. We have plenty of moose sign, but I have yet to see one in our yard, I'm thinking that will come later this winter. We have heard cows mooing, though that I don't suppose is so special, and we've heard the scream of a lynx, which is chilling but magnificent. I just hope they keep their distance. Unfortunately Chessa met up with a new "friend" and Brent had to shoot and kill a porcupine in our yard. It was a bummer, but since Mr. Porcupine was primed to fill our Chessa girl full of pointy quills he was left with little choice.

I have been busy readying the indoor space. We found a screaming deal, by my account anyway, on some gently-used furniture. Brent would have loved to have used milk crates, but since I'm not as inclined to having permanent diamond shapes impressed on my backside, I went against his wishes and bought some furniture. In addition I recently made an unlikely purchase. Unlikely because I have a serious lack of patience, but I did it, I bit the bullet, and I bought myself a sewing machine! Woohoo. I have yet to use it, because in my anticipation and excitement I didn't think about the lack of surface area to use it, but I will be heading back to Fairbanks soon to buy a table. I cannot wait to become the domestic goddess that lies within... watch out Martha Stewart...there's someone new in town!

So, after hauling wood, stacking wood, covering wood, and getting the fireplace ready to burn, we should be ready for winter. I just hope it doesn't find us too soon!

Have a happy day!