Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Welcome to Spring 2012!

I'm hoping that March 21st isn't like Ground Hogs' Day.  I'd like to think that only better things can come your way when you start your "spring" with -1 and snow.  Eventually we did get a spot of sunshine and I think we managed to make it to 6 above.  Beggars can't be choosers, so I'm going to be happy with that.

This weekend we decided to take advantage of our sick free household.  We packed up and hit the snowy trail to one of our favorite stomping grounds.  Since it was mostly the same old scenery, and wildlife was hiding somewhere away from our prying eyes, the camera didn't get much of a work out.  But drive we did.  Brent took the furbabes on a bit of walk.  But since Ches has a penchant for buffalo chips, and they were oh-so-fresh, he had to cut that short.  

The wildlife was sparse, we spotted far away moose and few jumpy grouse.  But that's about it.  Luckily the snow is still a pristine white, but I know the muddy, mucky, icky days of break up are coming.  Can't we just fast forward to summer?!?!

In order to break up the long winter days a friend of mine started a facebook page and a blog about her healthy lifestyle.  It's great to see her so passionate about life and all things healthy.  To get us all motivated and inspired she started a Vegetarian Vednesday.  Our entire day is to be made up of vegetarian meals and snacks.  Each week she mixes it up with a "twist".  Tomorrow's twist is one meal or snack must be raw.  Entirely raw.  I'm going with a snack.  Ha!

So, if you're interested in healthier eating, and all things vegetarian-leaning-towards-vegan go here: http://ahealthierfitterme.blogspot.com/   You won't be disappointed.

I'm hoping that your first day of Spring brought you warmer weather and much more hopeful outlook for the following days!  

Welcome Spring!! Hurry up Summer!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Blahs

Much of the country has had an above average winter.  Little snow, warm temps, but here in Interior Alaska.  Not-so-much.  We've had above average snowfalls in most of Alaska, and an average winter, from what the long-timers tell me.  I usually grow antsy this time of year, but with the lack of summer last year, I'm extra itchy.

We  have snow, and it keeps coming.  I can only imagine that I'll be wearing hip waders until June.  The moisture is good, but with the rainy, gray summer behind us, and now an above average snowfall all.winter.long.  I think we got it.  Of course more moisture means greener grass, greener trees and hopefully healthier, more bountiful food sources for all our hungry wildlife.  I just wish it would get here already!

This morning when I woke it was dark again, thankyouverymuchdaylightsavingstime.  But the added bonus is that the temp was actually ABOVE zero.  10 degrees above as a matter of fact.  This time of year the temps yo-yo, drifting up and down from -21 (yesterday) to 18 above (today).  After 4 Marches, I'm kinda just wishing we could skip to mid-May.  Ha!

My wish is that spring would giddy up already, and I'd like to fast forward past all the slush and mud and nastiness that's coming my way.  With 12 feet in our household, I think I'll just drape everything in plastic!  At least mud is sweepable, vacuumable and washable.  Phew.  And luckily, someone was thinking when they built that house, only a couple little pieces of carpet.  Extra Phew!

So for now I dream of warm temps, dry roads and summer days.  I want to walk in the field with the grass blowing around me instead of the snow pelting my face.  I want to ride ATV instead of freezing my eyeballs riding snowmobile (snowmachine for the Alaskans).   Summer, can you hear me calling?  Hurry please!!!