Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh Give Me a Home...

I didn't realize it had been quite so long since my last post.  I apologize, I haven't been feeling well, so I've lacked the energy and desire to tell you about life in the Last Frontier.  Now that I'm feeling better and the snow is diminishing, I'm hoping that changes.  

Last week we saw beautiful weather, and mid-week, snow.  Yes, SNOW.  I was hoping that we'd seen the last of the blasted white stuff for awhile, but no.  More snow.  I adopted the mindset that since I couldn't change it, I could embrace it.  So, embrace I did.  I do have to say, that while the skies were gray, the snow fell in a soft, downy curtain.  It really was beautiful.

This weekend we found better temperatures, and while the sun stayed tucked away today, the temps were nice.  Of course, along with nicer temps comes the wind.  WHOOSH!!  I have a permanent whoosh going on in my ears.

Saturday we headed to Fairbanks bright and early to take care of some errands.  I always feel guilty for not stopping to see our friends when we're there.  But truth be told, we hurry in and scurry out, usually trying to beat last trip's time.  This trip was no different.  We made our rounds, crossed most items off our list and bee lined straight back to Delta.  It was much too nice of a day to spend in the "city".  

Once home and unpacked we took a little snooze.  Just a short one, I promise.  After all, Brent did wake me up at 6 a.m. on Saturday.  Travesty, I tell you.  After our nap, we bundled up and headed out on our first family (of four) ATV ride.  We rode a nice, easy trail that was still half buried in snow, but it was lovely.  Cash loves to ride nearly as much as Ches.  It's going to be a great summer!

We stopped at Clearwater Lake landing on the way home to explore the shoreline and get a glimpse of the geese that have returned to Delta. As we explored the quickly melting shoreline we stepped gingerly across islands of receding ice.  First Ches, then Cash, then Brent, then me.  As you may guess, me being last, is almost always a bad thing.  When we came to cross a particular spot on the shore, I stepped with my right foot.  The snow/ice gave way just enough to make me nervous.  I quickly retracted my foot.  You see, I have an issue staying upright as it is.  As I was turning to retreat I got "the look" from my husband.  So, fighting my own inner knowing, I proceeded forward.  Bad, bad idea. 

I stepped with the right, intending to make a quick left and a small jump.  I didn't make it.  I fell through the ice/snow straight through to the muck.  My right foot buried 12 inches deep in sludge.  I pulled, and it pulled back, threatening to keep my long sought after winter boots.   And as if losing a foot, and gaining 7 pounds of muck to walk off wasn't bad enough, I had to land (hand first) into a fresh pile of Cash poop.  Ggggreeeeaaatttt.  Thank goodness I was wearing gloves.  I survived, despite Brent's hysterical laughter, and Cash's enthusiastic licking.  Having a body/face/victim that close to the ground was far too much for him to bear.  I kept shoving, he kept coming back for more.  Little booger.

After that debacle I decided it was time to head home.  We loaded up and rode back to our haven in the woods.  We took a walk to the field to help clean off my boot/pant leg some more.  And then I retreated to the bedroom to watch The Time Travelers Wife.  As I was just finishing we got a very frantic, excited call from a friend.  The buffalo were spotted, and we quickly dressed and drove as fast as we could.

By the time we got every one loaded, out of town and down the windy, bumpy, icy road, the buffalo had moved off the road further into pasture.  Not being the kind to give up easily, Brent and Joe headed out on foot in search of the great beasts.  About a mile in, success.  As you can see by the photo above, it's a small herd.  However, I sense that there is more than one herd out there.  Just judging by the number of patties dotting the landscape and road.

Once we were frozen and wind burnt we headed for home.  Pooches in tow.  Just as we turned onto our "street" we saw these guys.  They've been hanging around all winter, though before they were hanging with their mom, we suspect she was the victim of a car/moose crash in mid-March.  

They frequent Mason Street and often the field out front of our house.  I love seeing them around.  And it's always a good sign to have moose.  "They" say that when you have moose, you don't have bear.  I'll keep the moose.  Thank you very much.

Today we took a few walks to enjoy the lovely day.  Drove out to see if we could see more buffalo.  No cigar.  Battled the wind.  Baked some delicious lemon bars.  Visited with friends.  And just thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Happy Spring to You!