Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preparing for Spring

Break up hasn't happened yet.  But I'm hoping, and wishing, and praying that it's close.  And that it gets over in record time.  Because I already I know what it's going to bring.  With a total of 12 feet in our household, I'm expecting a lot of mud.  I've already resigned to rolling up the rug, exposing the much-easier-to-clean bare wood, and I should probably break out some sheets for the furniture.  Just a little extra protection.  Uff da. 

We have been beautiful weather.  The evenings still dip low into the teens, but the days have been warming up.  The sun is shining and is sticking around long into the evening.  The hubby even goes to bed when it's still light out now.  It really is a nice break.  From the dark.  And  it makes the coming of spring, and Alaska's best season (in my opinion) summer, much anticipated.  The sun already feels warmer.  The parking lots, and our yard, have slick spots where the snow is warmed by day and frozen to slippery hardness again at night.  But it's all worth it. 

Brent was out this weekend, with the dogs and without the camera, driving in our favoritest of spots.  And spotted a lynx.   Broad daylight, perched on the side of the road.  He was pretty excited when he got home to tell me about it. 

Monday I was off to Fairbanks for a doctor's appt and he was out, playing, again.  He spotted 16 moose.  Yep.  16.  I swear, I'm wildlife repellant.  He has the best luck.  Ever. 

This week we plan to go look at pop up camper to improve our summer adventures.  When I say "look at" I really just mean that we plan to buy it.  Who am I kidding?  But it will be fun.  Brent already has Memorial Day (and every other weekend I think) planned out, for plenty of fishing, camping, and reading.  Yeah.  He threw in that last little bit for my benefit.  What he really means is I can bring a book along, in case I find a spare minute to bask in the sun and read.  Don't tell him, but I really don't mind.

The boat should be arriving in April.  Brent, for one, is UBER excited about this.  I'm looking forward to all the places we'll be able to go, but boats really do make me nervous.  Just another one of my chicken tendencies to overcome, I guess.  I'll let you know after the first trip, if I think I'll be able to do so. 

Hope that spring is coming to your neck of the woods. 

What's first on your spring cleaning list?

Happy March!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Sweet Alaskan Home

Well, I did it.  I ventured "outside".  For the past week I have been living the "high life".  Do you really want to know what I think of that?  Pffffffffffffffttttttttt.  I spent the last week in Dallas, Texas.  This was my first visit to Texas, and while I had some highlights, which I'll tell you about, I have to say.  Dallas is not the place for me.  It was not my most favorite place in the world.

I'm not sure what I expected really.  I knew that Dallas Fort Worth is a metroplex.  So why then would I be surprised at the traffic, freeways and lack of...wildlife?  You tell me.  The people were friendly, our stay was fine, but nothing, not even the Dallas Galleria, impressed me much.  Sure there was shopping, and good shopping.  Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saks, DSW, and yet...I found a hard time finding things that were practical for my space, and for my life.

The number of people didn't bother me.  The traffic, while difficult to drive in, didn't shock me.  But I felt very displaced, unsatisfied.  Now, I'll be the first to admit that Brent's schedule, and my refusal to drive in Dallas, left me alone in the hotel room.  But really, I LOVE my alone time.  And I LOVE sleeping in.  In the evenings, and at lunch time, we'd go out and about seeing parts and places of Dallas.  We were adventurous with the time we did have.

I was just yearning for home.  For the quiet, the peace, the wildlife, the ease.  No rushing around, no hour long commutes.

We enjoyed parts and pieces.  It wasn't totally miserable.  But it certainly was different.  The trip "outside" truly opened my eyes to how removed from the real world we are.  There are some things I miss.  Getting dressed for dinner, wearing shirt sleeves in March, and some other such small things.  But for the most part.  I'm happy here.  Happy to be where the wild things are.