Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter, Winter, Winter

Greetings from the north land.  The photos below found us on colder days.  We are currently experiencing break up like weather which is good for the soul.  Today we reached a balmy temperature of 41 degrees.  The snow on the smaller portion of the roof slipped to the ground today.  

It's been a cold winter.  Particularly because I think the newness is wearing off for us.  We spent a large portion of January in the -40's and -50's.  Unpleasant outdoor weather.  February, so far, has been tropical, but I hear we're supposed to dip again soon.

This winter finds us with an unusually heavy layer of snow.  I have to admit, I quite like it.  Unlike our family and friends in the south, we've had plenty of powder for snowmobiling (you'll see our new addition in the yard), skiing- if it wasn't so dang cold! and whatever other winter sports crazy people enjoy.  Ha!  

This beauty is Mama.  She and her little one (tucked in the trees here) have been hanging out all winter long.  We must have plenty for them to eat.  Cash has become a big boy and no longer attempts to rumble with our friendly moose.  He's content to hang back and watch inquisitively.  Much to my relief.  The moose seem equally at ease with his comfort.  Little One and Mama have become frequent eaters at the Buffet of King and are no longer threatened by his presence.  

As you can tell, Ches has decided that she's staying inside.  Permanently.  She's not a fan of the cold temps.  She's becoming a hoarder which has me worried.  I don't have space for much hoarding here. Goofy girl.  She's been doing well on her meds, only one itty bitty seizure that we know of.  The warmer weather brings out the spunk in her, which makes me want to get her to a little more temperate climate.  

We're all antsy for spring, but not delusional.  We know that springs a ways off.  So we're trying to enjoy all aspects of winter.  I'm trying to get some pre-Spring cleaning done, in hopes that once the weather's nice we can run with it.  Zoom!  

Off to ride some snowmobile (snowmachine for you Alaskans) now. :)  

Happy Winter!