Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer

Sunrise 3:24 a.m.   Sunset  11:59 p.m.

Hello from Central Alaska!  Summer is here.  Which explains why I've been MIA- I've been out playing.  Having fun, exploring the unexplored, by me, anyway.  And visiting some favorite spots, as well.

Since my last post we have seen and enjoyed Portland.  Loved Cannon Beach and all it's salty sea air.  We saw Goonies Rock, which is awesome, and admired trees, trees and more luscious green trees.  In Seattle we met up with friends for a drink before heading back to Fairbanks.  It was great to see Crystal and Ken, after working for her for a few years, it was nice to just relax and enjoy each others company.

After unpacking and reuniting with the furkids we settled back in life on the Last Frontier.  Memorial Day Weekend found us picking up our boat...FINALLY.  Brent has been anxiously checking the mail, the phone and the email every 3 minutes for weeks.  I have never been so glad to have to make a trip to Fairbanks in my entire life.  

Saturday we attempted to get out, but with 2 dump truck loads of gravel to shovel, we found ourselves working instead of playing.  Finally, late Saturday evening we managed to head out to our favorite area in the Donnelly area of lakes.  Of course, we knew that finding a free lake was going to take some time.  

Brent and the furkids tromped up and down dale and hill to find a free one.  And when we did, we all celebrated.  The dogs love to run, but don't love to be reigned in mid-sniff.  I mean, after all they may miss a rabbit trail...

Once we found an unoccupied lake, Brent set about inflating our new flotation device.  We were all excited, well, scratch that, Brent and I were excited to try out the new boat.  Unfortunately, Cash and Ches were more interested in gulping fresh lake water and swimming, swimming, swimming.  

In the interest of sanity, Brent and I decided that he and Ches would make the maiden voyage while Cash and I watched from shore.  So, they hopped aboard, we pushed them off, and about 5 ft. from shore Ches projectile vomited all over Brent and the new boat.  I wish I had a camera to capture the look on Brent's face.  Somewhere between sheer rage and udder disgust.  He maneuvered back to shore and we gave up the boat for the evening.

After indulging Ches and Cash in plenty of water play, we took off for home.  We were thoroughly enjoying the late night sun, lamenting a bit about how we "never see any buffalo" and voila!  As if sent to us, they were there.  Lots and lots of buffalo.

And then even more buffalo.  So we sat and enjoyed every bit of the experience.  They mulled around, interested, then suddenly stampeded off towards the majestic mountain range.  I wish they had stuck around a little longer.

As always the scenery near Donnelly is fantastic.  The mountains were out and proud, and waiting to be admired.

This is a photo of one of the forest fires burning near Delta on Memorial Day weekend.  Luckily we've gotten some rain, and the fires (and smoke) have subsided slightly.  It continues to rain, and hopefully it will work in putting out the rest of the fires in the area.

This is the sun at 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, Memorial Day weekend 2010.

We also grilled with friends, took in the local Memorial Day service at the cemetery, and picnicked and napped...and well, just enjoyed the weekend.  Oh, and lucky hubby worked, too.

This past weekend proved to be equally busy as the one before. Friday we were both beat and hit the hay early.  Saturday found me holding a Sassy party and readying the food, the troops and the camper for our first outing.

Saturday morning we woke to more rain, which was welcome, but irritating, and cooler temps.  Luckily in the afternoon it warmed up and we managed to get out and enjoy the cool, damp, but lovely weather.  All in all, the first night in the pop up was a grand success.  Despite the hundreds of pin-sized bloodsuckers preying on us in our sleep.

Sunday we headed for home, napped, played, walked, napped a little more.  Work, play, work, play.  The cycle of life, as it were.  Tonight we are getting more rain.  And while I know that it's needed in the area to help combat the forest fires, I can't help but dream a little dream, involving sun!

Happy Summer!