Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moving On

It's true.  The time has come.  When I named the blog, I chose a name that was reflective of our current adventure and the possibility of new ones somewhere down the line.  We knew, or suspected, when we moved here that it would (likely) not be our permanent home.  

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.  We have lived, breathed, enjoyed Alaska for 4 years.  The New Year will bring many changes to our lives.  A new climate, new friends, new challenges, new loves, new malls, new activities.  We are excited for the "new"s that will soon be coming our way.  

In our excitement we don't want to lose our love and enthusiasm for a place we've called home.  A place, and person, that gave us our most treasured blessing, Our Little Elf.  New doesn't come without hurt, disappointment and loss.
The decision to move south, WAY south, was not easy, though the opportunity it presents for all of us was undoubtedly the right decision, at the right time.  So moving on we must do.  

We'll be back.  To show Our Little Elf where he was born, where we brought him home to, and where we discovered the greatest joy in life.  We hope he'll visit with his birth family.  Know them, love them.  And while it will be different, we've spent years away from our family and still remained in touch.  We love them, and are so grateful to have them in our lives.  And Our Little Elf's.  They're family, after all.

So, for now, I bid adieu.  Time to dust off my boots, pick up my hat, and see if Texas brings us another little cowboy...or girl. 

Merry Christmas!!!


Hayley said...

This is quite the shocker Karla!! Congratulations on your move. I hope all goes smoothly.

I miss Alaska a lot, but overall I am glad we are closer to family. I hope you will be too.

Karla said...

Thanks, Hayley! We're super excited. Warm weather!! I'm soooo over the cold. Though I'm sure I'll miss it at some point. :)

Dawn said...

Safe travels Karla. I am so over the cold and snow too.....but, I do still live in it and will be shoveling by days end because we are now having a winter storm!! LOL! Merry Christmas and the best to your family in 2013!