Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Howdy Ya'll!


Greetings from the panhandle of Texas.  I'm not going to lie.  Texas is a LOT different than Alaska.  It's dry.  Brown.  Warm.  FLAT.  And while those things may seem like negatives, I have to say, that I'm finding that I like being able to see into the distance for miles.  I LOVE wearing flip flops in January, though we did get a spot of snow last night, and I find myself wondering what it will be like in "winter".  Um, it's January...

The people of Texas are nice.  Like, really nice.  We've already been invited out for dinner twice.  We're planning to attend a Valentine's dinner in a couple weeks, we have a babysitter, and I feel at home here.  Odd, seeing as we've only been here for a couple weeks. 

I'm not going to say we're settled.  Far from, but moving in that general direction. Sparky is working hard at his new job and the Sparkle and I enjoy our days walking in the stroller, playing silly games and driving to where ever we'll meet Sparky for the night. 

It's good to be closer to family.  Hoping we get a lot of visitors in the near future. 

I'm fixin' to pack up and meet the hubby.

Later Ya'll!


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Dawn said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound Karla! You'll have to let me know if Texas is humid in the summer like MN. You all have fun exploring your new surroundings!! Take care -